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Last week two women came by asking where the nearest Kinko’s was. I told them I had a copy machine and I didn’t mind making them some copies as long as they weren’t looking for an obnoxious amount of paper. They happily accepted my offer and I went ahead and made 6 copies of a tattered sheet of paper they handed to me. They thanked me for helping them out, then asked if I wanted a copy. One of the women says “It’s a prayer…you can have a copy if you want!” I wasn’t brought up in a religious environment, but I’d look like an asshole if I didn’t accept a prayer, so I said I’d take a copy to be polite. The woman was about to hand it to me, then hesitated (maybe it was my ethnicity?), and asked “Are you saved? Do you believe in Jesus Christ?” I politely revealed that my family wasn’t Christian, thinking the conversation would stop there, and they would happily leave with their copies of the prayer. Instead, they offer to save me, and started praying for God to “remove my blinders” so that I can “see His light.” One of the women explains to me that when the “enemy” (aka Satan) deceives people, they aren’t aware that they’re being deceived, so sometimes they need those blinders to be removed before they can really find God. They then turn to me and ask if I would like to ask God to remove my blinders as well, and they would agree with me so I can be on the path to being saved. I politely told them I’d rather do it in my own time at home when I have more time to reflect on it. The woman says “That’s fine too! I can tell you’re the type who really wants to look into things first…God tells me these things. You seem like you’d really want to do your research first to make sure you know what you’re getting into…but definitely think on it when you get home! Thanks for the copies, and have a good night!”

Don’t get me wrong, they were actually really sweet and had good intentions, and while I was slightly offended, I can’t say I was angered by this gesture…just kind of baffled. I guess when I’m in a position where I’m constantly bitched at, hit on, or just plain pestered, getting some prayers is actually one of my more pleasant interactions with people in a span of a day. 🙂


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