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Yesterday a red lamborghini pulled into our drive thru. This happened right when I was switching shifts with my pharmacy manager, and she says to everyone “Hey guys, there’s a really fancy car in the drive thru! Check it out before it’s gone!” While we were all oohing and aahing the flashy red lamborghini, two guys step out of the car. Then they pull out a tarp to cover their car. THEN THEY LEAVE THE CAR IN THE FUCKING DRIVE THRU LANE. My pharmacy manager shouts through the window “HEY! HEY! Who said you could leave that there??” The two dudes tell her with thick Eastern European accents “But it’s raining! We’ll be right back, just five minutes.” She tells them “That’s not our problem. It’s a busy time for us right now, and we need that drive-thru lane.” They ignored her, and ran away. Nothing says “I’m a douchebag with no regard for any level of human courtesy” like treating a drive-thru lane like covered parking. We call our store manager, and she runs out into the rain to chase after them too…she comes back in, and said by the time she got out there, the two dudes were already running off towards the gas station NEXT DOOR. I called a tow truck to get their asses towed, but they took their car back before the truck could arrive. My bar for douchebaggery has officially been reset. 😛


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There are people who make me want to quit my job:

While I was checking the doctor’s voicemails yesterday, Ms. McCrazypants showed up at my pharmacy yesterday, demanding to pick up her medication, and gave her name to Technician #1. Technician #1 was already busy with someone at the drive-thru, so Technician #2 was trying to be helpful and asked for Ms. McCrazypants’s name. Ms. McCrazypants snaps at Technician #2 and says “I already gave HER my name.” This pisses off Technician #2, but since we’re professionals, we keep our cool. We find that her medication happened to be the one that I had just taken from the voicemail, so I kindly told her that I had just taken it down from the voicemail, but we’ll get started on it ASAP. Ms. McCrazypants flips out, claiming that the prescription was called in 2 hours ago. Uh, no. I’ve been diligently checking the voicemails on a regular basis today, and there certainly was NOT a voicemail for you until about 10 minutes ago. I still keep my cool and inform her that either way, I had just taken down the prescription, and that I’d get started on getting her meds filled so she can be on her way. It turned out that one of her meds, an antibiotic, was temporarily out of stock. Even though she was being kind of a bitch to us, we were still nice enough to offer to call a nearby store to see if they can fill it for her. She says “I’m not going anywhere. I’m on morphine, and I don’t want to drive around (wtf, you only have strep throat, why the HELL would you be on morphine right now?). You’ll have to call the doctor to change it to something that you DO have. You’ll have to call RIGHT NOW, because they’re going to lunch soon.” This is pissing us off more, but I grit my teeth and politely agreed to attempt to call her doctor. I call the doc, and sure enough, they were out to lunch. I tell her they’re closed for lunch, to which she says “Well, I’m not going anywhere! So what can we do?” I tell here there’s nothing that we CAN do, because I HAVE to have the doctor’s approval to change a medication. She throws another bitch fit, and while she’s bitching, my tech is already calling the other stores around us to see who has her antibiotic in stock. We tell her that a store just 3 blocks away has the meds that she needs, and that if we fax the script to them right now, they can get started on the script and have it ready by the time she gets there. She rolls her eyes and finally agrees to go to the other store for her antibiotic…she says “The prescription was for 3 medications, right?”…I informed her it was for two. The doctor had called in three medications, one for an antibiotic, another for a codeine cough syrup, and another for pain killer tablets, with specific instructions that if we didn’t have the syrup, then we were to substitute with the tablets. Either/or, but NOT both. Unfortunately, there’s a big problem with people abusing the syrup, so almost none of the pharmacies in town keep it in stock anymore – including my pharmacy – meaning she was getting the tablets. She shoots me a dirty look and says “It was THREE. It was for a syrup and some tablets. I was there when he called it in.” My patience was slowly wearing off. First she comes in being a bitch to my techs before they even get a chance to help her, then she refuses to leave my pharmacy because she’s supposedly too doped up on morphine to drive around town (while she somehow managed to make it to the pharmacy just fine from the doctor’s office), and NOW she’s trying to argue with me about her doctor’s orders. This is where I dropped any tone of friendliness in my voice and firmly told her “It was TWO. Your doctor gave SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS that said if we didn’t have the syrup, we were to substitute it with the tablets. We don’t have the syrup, so you’re getting the tablets.” Then she starts making shit up. Because making shit up TOTALLY gets everything resolved. “But I get that syrup all the time! He talked to you guys! I was there!” I told her “He did NOT talk to anyone here, he left a voice message. That’s why it was on the VOICE MAIL.” As for her claiming she gets it all the time, a quick search showed that she’s NEVER gotten that syrup filled, EVER, at ANY of my store’s branches. Then she started making MORE shit up, saying that the doctor called and spoke to one of us first to check that we had it in stock before he left the message. Now she’s REALLY pissing us off. My two techs and I look at each other skeptically. I told her “No, there was only a voice mail.” My technician says “There’s only 3 of us here, and NONE of us got a call.” I shrugged and said “I don’t know who he talked to, but it wasn’t us.” She throws her hands up and says “Well then, what DO you have in stock??” At this point she had pissed off my entire pharmacy staff so much that we just wanted her to get the f*ck out, so my technician tells her oops, we didn’t have the tablets in stock either, as she was already faxing the script to the nearest store that legitimately had her antibiotic. We tell her the other store has everything that she needs, that we’d already faxed her script over there, and that they should have it ready for her shortly by the time she gets there. She finally storms out of my pharmacy. That’s when the REALLY fun part happened. It’s one thing when you hassle pharmacy personnel, but it REALLY takes talent to piss off the rest of the store too. Within seconds of her storming out of the pharmacy, we get a call from the front store. The cashier at the front says “Uh….some lady here says she wants the address to another pharmacy?” My techs and I exchange a “Are you fucking kidding me?” look, and we tell them she can come back to the pharmacy for the address. The cashier says “Yeah, we told her that, and she said she’s not going anywhere and she doesn’t want to walk back to the pharmacy,” but says it in a tone that says “What the fuck is wrong with this lady?” We tell them the address to relay to her, and Ms. McCrazypants had finally left the building. At least for that day.

Other people make me remember why I haven’t left yet:

Mr. Robert Duke (alias used) is an adorable little old man who’s always super happy to see me and my pharmacy staff when he comes in, and insists that we call him Bob…call him Mr. Duke, and he’ll exclaim “MR. DUKE?!? Please young lady, it’s Bob!” Hehe. 🙂 I remembered this from the last time I interacted with him, so when he came into my pharmacy yesterday, I immediately said good morning to him, and said “Hi Bob! You here to pick up some prescriptions?” He gave me a wide-eyed look and said “How’d you know me, young lady?” I smiled and told him it was because I remembered him from last time. He gave me a huge smile and said “Young lady, you just made my day! It’s not every morning that I get to talk to a gorgeous young girl, and one that recognizes me too! I feel like I’m much younger…like I’m 40!” Hehe, too cute. I rang him up for his prescriptions, and told him that his total would be $45.10. He fished out some cash from his wallet…he had 45 dollars on him, but was missing the 10 cents. I told him not to worry about it, and dug out a dime from my own wallet to put into the cash register…I figured it was senseless to send him back home just for a dime, and it’d make it easier for me to make change for him too. He took my hand, looked me in the eye, and said “Young lady, I can’t thank you enough, and I promise I’ll get you back for this, ok? You’ve got a wonderful personality, you’ve got the brightest smile I’ve seen around, and you’ve completely made this old man’s day.” I thanked him, and told him he didn’t need to worry about getting me back for just ten cents, and to just enjoy the rest of his day. This morning, while I was going about my usual business in the pharmacy, I see lil’ old Bob shuffle into my pharmacy. I walked over to him and said “Good morning Bob, you here to pick up more prescriptions?” He held up two nickels and dropped them into my hand. He grinned and said “I toldja I’d get you back for those 10 cents, and I’m always good to my word!” Then he added “And it’s an excuse to see that pretty smile of yours again!” I laughed and told him he really didn’t need to, and he tells me “Oh no young lady, I’m always good to my word. I made a vow with my little lady years ago, and I’ve been true to that too!” He pulled his wallet out and showed me a picture of his wife…I told him she’s beautiful, and he says “That’s my lady! Every day, whenever I come home, she’s always waiting for me, with open arms, and every night, no matter how late it is, when I leave for work, I always blow her kisses goodbye! We made that promise years ago, we’ve kept it, and it’s been just wonderful.” TOO CUTE. I just wanted to pinch him! I told him how precious that was, and how not many people can even say that these days…he says “Well, I think it’s just that nowadays people just don’t want to try anymore. They’re thinking too much on themselves instead of how wonderful things can be when you think of others.” I could’ve died. He gave me another grin, thanked me again for lending him the 10 cents, and scurried off. It’s people like that who keep me going at my job. At least until another Ms. McCrazypants walks in. 😛

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When I first started working at my pharmacy, a girl from my teenage years came in to make a purchase. She was a girl that uh…let’s just say she didn’t have the friendliest reputation. I don’t think she had any idea that I recognized her. And what did she come in to purchase? Plan B. As in the morning after pill. As in the “Oh shit, I had sex without a condom/the condom broke/I don’t know what I was doing, and now I need something ASAP to make sure I don’t get preggers” pill. That was my first encounter with her. I couldn’t help but feel kinda awkward, and yet feel that sweet tinge of schadenfreude at the same time.

She showed up again today. This time she showed me a printout and asked “Where can I find this?” It was a printout of a Fleet Enema. “Awkward Moment With Someone From the Past” count has officially been bumped up to 2. 😛

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Today’s roundup of interesting patients:

  • One poor lady with a busted lip and a broken tooth…I immediately got a bottle of hydrogen peroxide to help clean her up, and my technician directed her to the nearest emergency center to make sure she didn’t need stitches or anything. She came back later with a script for some antibiotics after being treated at the emergency center, hehe.
  • One girl at the drive-thru who was about to undergo surgery. Most people just hand me the scripts, and don’t really talk about what they’re getting them for. She handed me her scripts and said “Yeah, I’m going in for surgery on Thursday, but it’s not bad surgery…I’m getting the fun kind.” I asked “Fun surgery?”, to which she happily replied (like she’d be waiting all day for someone to ask)”Yeah, I’m gettin’myself ENHANCED!”…she was really excited about it, haha.
  • Comment of the day: A girl at the drive thru who was given some Imitrex injectable solution, but the pharmacy she went to 1) failed to give her any needles, and 2) failed to give her any instruction whatsoever on how to use the medication. She also pointed out that she had to be at work at a nearby strip club (she wasn’t a stripper, she just worked in the boutique), so I couldn’t spend TOO much time instructing her. So I sold her some syringes for the injectables, and quickly gave her instructions on how to use it…I asked if they told her if she was supposed to inject it into her arm or into her stomach, and she said “They just told me that if I put it in my arm, it’d leave a bruise?” I figured out that it was to be injected in the stomach…so in order to demonstrate, I had to lift up my shirt a bit to show how to pinch the area, to which I apologized for having to show some skin. She replied “Oh trust me, where I work, I’m used to seeing people expose themselves.” I should’ve known, haha.
  • 2 crackheads, plus one other possible druggie. Freakin’ druggies, get the f*ck out of my pharmacy and stop wasting my time. A good day at work is when I don’t get any druggies disrupting the peace in my little pharm corner. Jerks.

Just another day at the pharm. 😛

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I was working on Saturday, where my store closes at 8pm on weekends. A guy showed up about 10 minutes to closing with a script for Tamiflu liquid for his son…since there’s a nationwide shortage of the liquid, we now have to make it from scratch by breaking open Tamiflu capsules and mixing them with a special kind of cherry syrup. We also have to recalculate the dosage, rewrite the directions for the script, etc. etc. Bottom line, is that it’ll take a while, and it’ll definitely put me at work past closing time. I tell the guy that it’ll take me about 20-30 minutes to get the medication ready for him because of this, but I’ll take the script, and he’ll be my last customer for the day. I let him sit in the waiting area, and I lowered the pharmacy gate halfway so that the guy won’t be completely closed in if he wants to wander out to the rest of the store.

While I’m working on the script, at around 20 minutes AFTER closing, some guy decides to DUCK UNDER THE HALF-CLOSED GATE. I’m obviously irritated by this, and inform him that we’re closed. He looks around, and says “Oh god, oh god, are you serious??” “Yes sir, we’re closed”. “Oh my god, I have a prescription that I need to pick up right now, oh my god oh my god.” The guy seriously looks like he’s about to cry and faint at the same time, so I’m under the impression that it’s for something pretty important. I figure it’ll take less than a minute to ring him up for his meds, so I ask for his name. I try to look up his name in the system, and it’s not there. I ask if he’s sure the doctor called it in to my pharmacy, and not somewhere else. Turns out the doc is his brother, so he proceeds to call his brother and panic on the phone for another 5-10 minutes, trying to figure out where the script was called. Did I mention that I could’ve been DONE with that Tamiflu script by now?

Anyway, he finds that the script was indeed called in to my store, so I look around a little more. This whole time he’s pleading, BEGGING that I find the script, because he REALLY needs it, and needs it soon. I’m thinking “Damn, this sounds like something life-threatening or urgent.” I dig through our box of scripts for people who aren’t on file, and sure enough, I found his script. I look at it, and I see that it’s written for VIAGRA. The other part? This guy’s MY AGE. As in 25-26 years old. WTF SERIOUSLY?? You ducked under a half-closed gate (which I thought would’ve been an obvious sign that the place is CLOSED), panicked like you were about to die without some oh-so-important medication, and kept me from making a FAR more important medication for a child sick with the flu for some fucking VIAGRA??? I tell him I’ve got the script, but since we’re closed, I can’t fill it for him. He starts panicking more. “Oh god, oh god, I mean, I completely understand that, but isn’t there ANYTHING you can do? ANYTHING??” I tell him I’d have to find a 24-hour store that I could fax the script to, and they could fill it. “Oh my god, can you PLEASE do that for me? Ohmygod ohmygod, PLEASE, I’ll go ANYWHERE, I just need that script…” I give a heavy (but silent) sigh, and start calling around to find a damn 24 hour store to fax this script so this guy can get a boner. Around this time, my night manager comes in to close out the cash registers, and while I’m calling, I tell the guy he’ll have to be patient because I have to call around until I find a 24 hour store. Luckily, my night manager piped up and mentioned that he thought one of the stores farther down was open 24 hours, so I promptly called that store, and found a pharmacist that able to take the script out of my hands. I faxed the script over, and Boner-man bolted out the door.

I finish up the Tamiflu, ring up the man who actually NEEDED his freakin’ medication, and close out for the night, leaving 45 minutes after closing. It’s not the latest I’ve ever stayed after closing (I stayed 2 hours after once), but I could’ve been out earlier if this other dude didn’t come in freaking out for some emergency wood. But I guess being able to have a good story almost makes it worth staying that extra time.

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