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I’ve started working full time at my pharmacy. I’m still trying to get used to the idea that I’M the one who calls the shots now, and that if something goes wrong, people are looking to ME for answers. Yikes. Here are a few highlights from my first two weeks of working as a big girl on my own in the pharmacy:

  • Some blond chick came in with a massive cold sore on her lip, asking what I’d recommend over the counter. I told her Abreva, and she immediately shot it down, saying it doesn’t work. Then she asked if using tea tree oil or rubbing alcohol would work. I told her I didn’t know about the tea tree oil, but the rubbing alcohol would probably hurt a bit, because it would burn. Her response? “Girl, I’ve been putting Lysol on this thing.” Then she proceeded to ask me if it’s okay to use Lysol, asking if she’s going to die from it or anything. I said she probably wasn’t going to die unless she actually swallowed it. She asks me if I want to take a closer look at the cold sore. I politely decline. I ask her if there’s been any sort of discharge coming from the sore, in which she responds “Ack, that kinda grosses me out when you say that.” Because asking me to take a closer look at your cold sore isn’t gross either. She goes back to asking about what to do about the cold sore…after she shoots down all of my OTC recommendations, I tell her she might want to see a doc instead, and suggested either Zovirax cream or acyclovir tablets, pointing out that the tabs would help more if this is a recurrent problem. She says “Oh, I don’t swallow pills.” I suggested that if it’s a problem, she can break them in half. She says “No no, I don’t swallow pills, period. It just doesn’t happen.” Mentally I’m thinking “You must’ve swallowed SOMETHING to get that nasty cold sore on your lip.”
  • During my second week EVER of working on my own as a pharmacist, a DPS officer waltzes into my store asking to seize some forged prescriptions for an investigation. The officer noticed my deer in headlights look, and jokingly said “I should probably yell at your manager for leaving you here by yourself the one time a DPS officer shows up.”
  • Druggies provide an endless amount of entertainment (and sometimes anxiety) for me on the job. Just last night, a guy rolled up through my drive through right around closing time. I open the window to ask if I can help him, and I see this scraggly looking shirtless dude in his 20s in the driver’s seat. He gives me a confused look, then shuffles through some junk in his car, and without saying a word, hands me two crumpled prescriptions. I look at the scripts…one has an antibiotic and a pain medication written on it, and the other has a muscle relaxant and a codeine cough syrup written on it. Cuz you know, when you’re sick enough to need antibiotics, pain killers, muscle relaxants, and codeine cough syrup, it TOTALLY makes sense to drive around town shirtless at 10 pm.
  • Every time I get a script for an antibiotic with dosing that’s typical for an STD, I always mentally think “Uh oh, someone’s got CHLAMYDIA.”
  • Someone took a crap in my store. No joke. The guy came to the back asking where our restroom was…my tech points him in the right direction, and tells him he’ll page someone to unlock the door for him. 10 minutes later, our floor manager comes to visit us back in the pharmacy, and he tells us that someone just took a crap IN FRONT of the bathroom door…because apparently no one came quickly enough? Gross.

So that’s my life at work so far. Countin’ pills, gettin’ paid, answering people’s questions about everything from UTIs to sore throats to swine flu. Thus begins my first real career. As long as I don’t get too many people taking a dump in my store, I think I’ll be alright. 😛


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